On the occasion of the world anniversary of the declaration of Human Rights, the Cypriot Member of the European Parliament Ms. Antigoni Papadopoulou organized at the European Parliament on the 6th of December 2011, an event for one the of the tragic events of the Cyprus problem, which is the verification of the luck of 1579 persons that are still missing since the Turkish invasion of 1974 in Cyprus.

          The ambassador of Cyprus to E.E. Mr Kornilios Korniliou, the vice-president of the social-democrats Mrs. H Swoboda and the European parliamentarians Ms C. Wikstrom, Ms A. Werthmann and Mr L. Hartong participate at the event. The Church of Cyprus was represented by His Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis. During his speech, His Grace stated that after thirty seven years the relatives of the missing persons have every right to know what happened to their beloved ones. This will be succeeded when all of us join our efforts and with the aid of the European Institutions push pressure to the candidate member of the European Union, Turkey. Under this sceptic, a fair and just solution will occur to the Cyprus problem which will be based on Human Rights and the European acquis communautaire

          An exhibition was organized and also a Christmas tree for the missing persons, on which photos of the missing persons were hanged. During the event there were also relatives of the missing persons who gave their own personal testimonies. 







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