The Church and Society Commission (C.S.C.) of the Conference of European Churches (C.E.C.), organized between the 3rd and the 5th of May at the Orthodox Serbian Center in Hildesheim of Germany an extensive meeting on the subject Human Rights start into Churches.

The purpose of the meeting was the content of the second part of the Human Rights Manual and its participants were members of the conference of European Churches, experts in Human Rights.

The purpose of this manual is to gather together the necessary material and informations related in Human Rights and afterword to be transformed in a practical manual for the priests and the staff of different Churches, members of the Conference of European Churches, in order to be able to inform and prepare in a good and attractive way their members in Human Rights and how to treat several cases of violations.

The first part of the manual is already written with the contribution of fifteen researchers. The second part contents such as: human dignity, religious freedom, racism in several forms, and religious freedom in contradiction with religious human rights, the immigration and their treatment.

During the meeting, C.E.C., discussed also the creation of an ecclesiastical network of experts in Human Rights and also the creation of an archive with texts of the Churches members of C.E.C. for Human Rights and religious freedom.

Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis represented the Church of Cyprus to this three-day meeting.





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