Two artifacts were traced in April 2016 at an auction house of the German city of Dusseldorf. These were the icon of St. Tryfon 53,7X40cm, patron saint of the gardeners, which was painted in Cyprus by the known hagiographer John Cornaros and an old silver processional cross.

When the two items were traced, the National Commission of Cultural Heritage during its meeting on 4 April 2016 decided to proceed with the claim of the two items through Europol. Unfortunately, until the auction day (16 April), the German police failed to seize the two items. That is why the Chruch of Cyprus successfully regained through the auction these two items.

The items were received on 17 May 2016 by the Director of the Representation of the Church of Cyprus to the European Institutions Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis. They are both kept at the Office of the Representation of the Chruch of Cyprus to the European Institutions in Brussels and they will soon be repatriated.

All reports published on the daily press of the 22 May 2016 concerning the icon of Saint Tryfon and that the responsible authorities delayed to react are biased and untruth.


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