The Church of Cyprus announces the repatriation of two stolen icons from the iconostasis of the church of St. Jacob (14th c.) from the occupied village of Trikomo. The two icons were painted in 1620 by Cretan painter Meletios.


The icons were identified in 2007 in Zurich and were in the possession of the art dealer Mr. Khochinskiy. The Republic of Cyprus tracked down the two icons in June 2009 and were seized by the police of Zurich. In October 2014 the District Court of Larnaca convicted the owner for the illegal possession of the icons. The implementation of the decision in Switzerland was made possible with a written agreement between the Russian art dealer and the Church of Cyprus in December 2015.


The Church of Cyprus expresses heartfelt thanks to the couple Nicholas and Georgia Lascaris, who willingly offered the necessary amount of money to end the odyssey of our icons.

We would like also to express our gratitude to all the ecclesiastical authorities and public services of the Republic of Cyprus. In addition, we would like to thank the Synodical Committee of Monuments and Art, Metropolis Kykkos and Tyllirias, Cyprus Police, the General Attorney, the Customs Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus, the Consular of the Republic of Cyprus to Zurich Mr. G. Papantoniou, the law office Leonidas Georgiou, the Zurich lawyer Mr. Burgi, Byzantinologists Mr. Athanasios Papageorgiou, Mr. R. Gormark, Ms. Maria Pafiti, and Conservator of the Antiquities Ms. Department Stella Pissaridou, the logistic company "Orbit" and finally the insurance company "Pankipriaki."

The Synodical Committee for Art and Monuments

30 March 2016








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