On the 22 May 2015 The Conference of European Churches (CEC) organized a short meeting with Metropolitan Dionysius J. Kawak of the Syrian oriental church. The Metropolitan gave a speech on the theme: “The situation of the refuges and of the vulnerable families in the war areas of Syria and Iraq”.

Metropolitan Dionysius described the difficulties that the Syrian and the Iraqi populations are facing the last four years due to the civil war and presented to the audience the humanitarian aid that the Patriarchal Commission Saint Ephraim is offering. This commission works for the relief of those that are affected by the crisis in Syria by supplying them with food, medicine, medical care, money for their rent, scholarships for students and many more.

Metropolitan Dionysius also mentioned that the dramatic situation in his country will not end in the close future. Christians in Syria because, of the crisis, are seeking for a refuge abroad thus the Christian population has diminish form 10% to 5%. He called for praying as well as the shipment of goods so these people can survive at their home places and not to be forced by the circumstances to travel to other countries.

After Metropolitan Dionysius speech a discussion followed. His Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis represented the Church of Cyprus. In his short statement Bishop Porfyrios suggested that all Christian Religious Leaders or their Representatives should visit the presidents of the European Institutions aiming the intensifying awareness of this serious humanitarian crisis.





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