On Sunday 2 November 2014, it took place within an environment of religious emotion, for a first time after fourty years, Ceremony to the Agios Georgios church, in the occupied areas in Vatili. The Bishop of Neapolis Porfyrios took part in the ceremony and hundreds of refugees from Vatili participated, who came from the whole parts of Cyprus to celebrate Saint Georgios, the protector of their village.

The Bishop in his shortness speaking, thanked initially the God with the representation of Saint Georgios led us to this happiness. He also thanked all people who made efforts in order to be given relevant approval for the performance of the ceremony from the occupation authorities.

Everyone expressed their desire to come back on 23 of April for the performance of celebrating ceremony of Agios Georgios. After the ceremony finished, it was followed cairns in the courtyard of the church for everyone being there.







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