At the offices of the Representation of the Romanian Patriarchate, and the representation of the Church of Cyprus in Brussels, was held on the 13th October 2014, the second annual meeting of the Representatives of the Orthodox Churches in Brussels. During the meeting they participated: archpriest Demetrios Sizonenko (Patriarchate of Moscow), f. Sorin Selaru (Patriarchate of Romania), Metropolitan of Central and Western Europe Mr. Antonios (Patriarchate of Bulgaria), Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis (Church of Cyprus) and Metropolitan Athanasios of Achaia (Church of Greece).

During the meeting they were discussed: the situation at the European Institutions (European Commission, Council of Europe, European Parliament) after the recent elections in during the previous June, the co-organization of conferences with other representations of Christina Homologies as well as with BEPA at European Commission. In addition, after an invitation by the Church of Greece, it was discussed the organization of a seminar of CROCEU in Greece in May, on the topic of Growth.

The Committee decided the constitution of an Executive Secretary in which they will participate: F. Demetrios Sizonenko (Active Secretary), f. George Vacu, f. Nektarios Ioannou and f. Georgios Lekkas. The secretary will have to accomplish all the decisions of the Committee.

During lunchtime it was offered at all the members of CROCEU at the representation of the Church of Cyprus lunch. They were also present the representatives of other christian organizations (CEC) and other churches (EKD, church of England). Mrs Katharina Von-Schnurbein was also present on behalf of BEPA. The meeting of the Committee was continued and finalized after lunch at the offices of the Representation of the Church of Cyprus.

The next meeting of CROCEU will take place during the end of January 2015.





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