23 3 2013

In Maastricht, Netherlands the Office of the Representation of the Church of Cyprus to the European Institutions (Brussels) identified last February a Cypriot post – byzantine icon of Christ Epitaph (40x24 cm) of the 18th century. The icon is a characteristic example of Cypriot iconography of the period and depicts Christ dead in the tomb. A pair of angels hovering above the buried body, having intensely painted to their face the pain and surprise for the divine drama. Further behind is the holy cross with the symbols of passion: the spear and the sponge.

The icon stems from an unknown until today church from the occupied by Turkish troops north Cyprus. It was stolen and illegally exported from the island after the Turkish invasion.

Bishop Porphyrios of Neapolis on Saturday, March 23 went to Maastricht and received the icon from the auction house that held the sacred relic. The icon will soon be repatriated to Cyprus.




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