IMG 3845After the Turkish IMG 3846Invasion in Cyprus many historical artefacts and icons were looted and sold illegally to private collectors all over the world.
Three icons: The Ipapanti of Christ (49cm x 33cm, of the 19th Century), The Pentecost (50cm x 34cm of the 19th Century) and Saint Apostle Jacob " (36cm x 28cm of 18th Century) were traced at an auction house in Dusseldorf Germany, in April 2017. The Representation of the Church of Cyprus to the European Institutions recognizing their origin, took immediate action and has successfully and discreetly recovered all three significant icons.
The first two icons are made by the hagiographic school of John Kornaros from Crete and are dated 19th Century. The icon of the Pentecost carries the inscription "Μνήσθητι Κύριε του δούλου σου Λοΐζου μετά παντός του οίκου αυτού». (Meaning "Remember Lord of your servant Loizos and his family"
The 3rd icon, dated 18th Century, is a product of the hagiographic school of the Holy Monastery of Saint Heraklidos. The three icons were repossessed by the Director of the Representation of the Church of Cyprus to the European Institutions, Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis on 2nd May 2017. The icons are for the time being displayed at the Permanent Exhibition of the Representation in Brussels awaiting their repatriation to Cyprus.

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